Sunday, February 26, 2012


To display the children's artwork, I use a clothesline wire attached to 3M hooks.  Then, the kids can add as many items as they want.  On this particular day, the children completed an AB patterned paper chain and painted hearts.
We have a busy schedule in our room.  The children are fascinated with the occurrences of the day.  To help the children learn our schedule, I created a picture schedule that can be altered to accommodate change.  In the morning, during circle time, I go over the schedule to alleviate questions later.  
Each center is labeled with a picture and a brightly colored sign.  Each tub is labeled with a picture of what items go into the tub.  This helps the children to find the items they need, but most importantly it helps immensely during clean-up time.  The children know exactly where items go!

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